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In preparation for the winter chill, Sešego Cares, has already launched its annual winter drive that will see special hand knitted items garments in order to spread warmth to the most vulnerable communities across various beneficiaries.

The “Wool Project”, as it has become known, entails the donation of wool by the readers and supporters of Northcliff Melville Times and Sešego Cares. Items are knitted by a retired women from East Town, Roosevelt Park’s Rose Village in Northcliff and Sophia Town. They work their magic and produce high quality hand knitted items for distribution among charities that care for the needy.

Iris Feyt started this project 4 years ago. She has inspired Doreen Smith and the ladies at Rooseveldt Park as well as Elsie Emerich. They are determined to beat the winter deadline in order to deliver much needed scarves, beanies, blankets, gloves and jerseys for the 2015 chill.

To date over more than 5000 individuals, ranging from disabled children to Aids-orphans and the elderly, benefited from Sešego Cares’ Wool Project. Geographically, the project has reached every corner of the province – including Mathibestad near Hammaskraal, Soweto, Eldorado, Greymont, Krugersdorp Alexandra, Alberton and the greater East Rand.

“On behalf of the beneficiaries of this project, I would like to thank all the knitters and volunteers for their incredible work, passion and kindness. I am always amazed by the swiftness at which they produce these items. The love, creativity and care that has gone into making each garment is clearly evident,” says Annemarie Mostert, CEO of Sešego Cares.

“Special thanks must also be extended to all who donated the wool, but it’s never enough” she concludes.

Please contact Annemarie for any donations towards the Sešego Cares Wool project on 011 475 3372 or annemarie@sesegocares.org

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The key focus areas for Sešego Cares include:

Provision of clean drinking water
Enterprise development
People with disabilities
Senior citizens

Please contact us at info@sesegocares.org

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