Guild Cottage Project


Since the early 1980’s Guild Cottage has developed into a treatment centre for sexually abused and traumatised children. Over the past decade Guild Cottage has also developed a Community Outreach Program with the objective of enlightening the community of the horrors and consequences of sexual abuse and thereby keep children safe and out of the welfare system.

Objectives of the Home:

  • To treat abused and traumatised children and their families with the view of reunification
  • To support these families through a transition period
  • To provide education to community members to help them recognise and prevent abuse
  • To teach cascade of learning principles to get maximum coverage from the teaching.

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The key focus areas for Sešego Cares include:

Provision of clean drinking water
Enterprise development
People with disabilities
Senior citizens

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This is the new year
A new beginning
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Sesego Cares makes a sustainable difference in the lives of vulnerable people in Southern Africa.

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