Sesego Cares Commemorates Freedom Day 2017

Sesego Cares Freedom Day Trip 2017

The mention of the word ‘Freedom’ in South Africa for many, provokes nostalgic memories of the iconic first black President Nelson ‘Rolihlahla’ Mandela. It is figures such as he which inspired millions of South Africans as we entered an era of democracy and freedom.

As Sesego Cares continues to build on Mandela’s legacy, we did not forget to take part in the Freedom Day celebrations.

A day well spent at the Constitutional Hill by the Sesego team reminded everyone of how far we have come since the drastic legacy of apartheid. And we continue to stand as one nation and one family.

Sesego Cares hopes everyone had a worthwhile Freedom Day and that next year you will also join us as we commemorate the legacies of the greats who brought us this far.

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