UTi R30 000 Cash Donation


Since its inception just over four years ago, Sešego Cares has become a recognised charitable, non-profit organisation which is making a sustainable difference in the lives of thousands of vulnerable people who are predominantly children with special needs, learners in poor communities, the aged and disabled.

Of note is the contribution that Sešego Cares has made in addressing social challenges by providing clean drinking water, sanitation and support to educational institutions. All of this has been made possible by the support and commitment of Absa staff, corporate partners, sponsors and friends too numerous to mention.

Through its partnership with various sponsors, Sešego Cares was able to reach hundreds of people and organisations in dire need of assistance throughout Southern Africa, helping them to integrate smoothly into their respective societies through various donations that were able to empower & uplift them.

These donations included (but not limited to) used specialised equipment for the severely handicapped, educational books & items, soccer equipment, electrical wheelchairs and other ancillary items i.e. crutches, walking aids and the like.

UTi, a key partner, is able to assist in making a difference in many people’s lives. Since this partnership they have delivered wheelchairs and other donations received without cost to our beneficiaries nationwide. They recently donated close to 60 000 children and adult books and distributed these to various schools, community libraries and children’s homes.

In addition to these commitments UTi has managed to negotiate a significant reduction in freight costs and additional discounts amounting to a cost saving of R45 000 on the delivery of recent container from another strategic partner, The Robert & Claire Peter Foundation, in Baltimore. UTi has donated R30 000 in aid of Sesego Cares to reach as many people across Southern Africa as possible.

This is a true indication of the Sešego Cares ethos by bringing corporate sponsors together to “Lend a hand and change a life”.

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